Spitfire 8th Scale Truggy Pre-Mount Yellow


The Spitfire features a medium sized square pin design that is unique and designed for rough, dusty conditions, and a tire that is great for a "green" racetrack that you can start the weekend on. The center pins feature a staggered design with bridged pins that follow certain sets of 3 pins at a time. Theater row of pins are angled to reduce side bite and help in bumpy conditions, while the next row is straight and spaced closer together helping to provide a more even feel with cornering at higher speeds.
  • Advanced carcass design
  • Two different pin layouts on one tire
  • Staggered pin design for rough inconsistent conditions
  • Includes Advanced Cell inserts
  • Available in SS, S, SSLW, and SLW compounds

Includes 2 tires 2 inserts 2 wheels