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Welcome to Pro-Motion RC

We know the competition is always raising the bar. That's why we work for the racer. Making sure you always have the highest level components, not only to get you to the finish line, but get you there first!


Utilizing the latest tread designs and compounding.


Known for our extremely high quality and low prices.


Providing the power and runtime you need to leave the competition in your dust.

J&T Bearing Co
J&T Bearing Co Air Filters
From $13.99
J&T Bearing Co
8x16x5 Bearing 688-2RS
J&T Bearing Co
J&T Wing Wraps
From $10.99
J&T Bearing Co
HB Carbon Fiber Splash Guard
From $7.99 $15.99
J&T Bearing Co
HB Wing Wraps
From $10.99

Pro Motion Compound chart

Use this chart for help selecting the correct compound for your current race conditions.

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