J&T Torque Clutch System 4 Shoe


The J&T Torque Clutch systems have been developed for serious racers needing a competitive clutch at a reasonable price. 

Spring Colors:

0.9- Gold

1.0- Black

1.1- Silver

Includes: Flywheel, Collet, Nut, 4 std aluminum shoes, clutch pins, and two 0.9, 1.0 and 1.1 springs.

Tuning Tips:

Lighter springs will have a softer acceleration feel, while heavier spring will provide a harder acceleration feel. The composite shoes will provide a softer acceleration and the aluminum shoes will provide a harder acceleration.

A good all around buggy spring and shoe set up will be 2 standard aluminum shoes with 1.0 spring and 2 composite shoes with 0.9 springs. You can tune to your liking from here.

A good truggy set up will need to be more aggressive. We recommend 2 standard aluminum shoes with 1.0 springs and 2 hard aluminum shoes with 1.1 springs.

Installation Tips:

First install the collet on the engine while pulling forward on the crankshaft. Next install flywheel and nut. Tighten nut. Install the long portion of the clutch spring into the shoe and align on flywheel. Next you will insert the clutch shoe pin and repeat for all remaining shoes.