J&T HB Racing Aluminum Machined Top Plate


The J&T Aluminum HB top plate is a great addition for your HB vehicle. The top plate adds strength, stylish looks, and can be used on the entire HB D8 lineup. Another added benefit of our top plate is it can be used with either the stock electric center brace or the J&T carbon fiber top brace without any modifications.

Fit: HB Racing D815,HB Racing D817,HB Racing D817 V2,HB Racing D817T,HB Racing E817 V2,HB Racing E817T,HB Racing D819,HB Racing E819,HB Racing E819RS, HB Racing D8 WS, HB Racing E8 WS,HB Racing D8T,HB Racing E8T.

  • High Strength 7075 Aluminum
  • Chamfered silver edges
  • Works with both stock center brace and J&T carbon fiber center brace
  • J&T laser etched logo