Advanced Cell 1/8 Buggy Insert (High Grip)


The ProMotion Advanced Cell insert designed specifically for high grip surfaces is an industry first. The blank insert has been specifically designed to perform better in many ways on high grip surfaces.

Traditionally increasing the foam hardness and density for high grip surfaces does increase stability and predictability. But going "to hard" can have negative effects, and that's what we have fixed. When finally getting a hard enough insert with the traditional design to perform in high grip, "you lose" forward bite, and traction when needed, and if there are lower grip sections you will find a lack of lateral side bite.

Our insert has been designed to provide lateral stability in high grip, and still maintain good forward bite and traction when needed. We accomplished this by keeping the same foam density and hardness as our traditional foams and removing all relief cuts. All of this has resulted in better high speed lateral stability, better landing compression, and little to sacrifice in forward grip.

  • Increased lateral stability in high grip
  • Little to no forward bite loss
  • More stable landings
  • Blank foam can be customized to conditions
  • Includes 4 Inserts