8x1.2 Conical Shock Piston


Throttlefinger Racing Concept Piston set features 4 pistons with multiple shaft size options, higher quality material then the competition, multiple hole combinations, and easy identification.

  • The shape is quite similar to OEM pistons. However the outer shape has been specially designed to cause less friction and limited wear.

  • The material has a very low coefficient of friction, and is much more resistant to wear than POM-C (DELRIN) used by other after-market manufacturers. In addition, compared to POM-C (DELRIN), this material has much better dimensional stability in contact with fluids and oils. In other words, the diameter of the pistons and holes remain the same under all conditions.

  • The material is very strong. As such it will not break after high impact jumps.

  • The finishing is done entirely on a CNC controlled machine. Both turning and drilling. This according to very precise tolerances.

  • And, finally all pistons are laser marked with the outer diameter and hole configuration , so you can easily select the right piston at any time.

  • Shaft Size


2.6-AE, Mugen, Tekno, Xray, Kyosho, Sworkz

2.8-HB, WRC