1/10 2.2'' Rear Buggy Wheels

$13.99 $22.99

Promotion 1/10 wheels were designed with durability and lightweight features in mind. Made from our harder wheel material to meet the demands of today's high grip tracks. Lightweight rib design on the inside of the wheels provide the strength needed while not adding un-necessary weight.  Advanced manufacturing processes used to achieve a balanced and true wheel. Small lightweight inner rib on the mounting surface and integrated vent holes make these wheels the perfect choice.

  • Lightweight inner rib design
  • 12mm Hex
  • Vent holes integrated in wheel
  • Hard wheel material
  • Sold in convenient packs of 4
  • Available in White and Flo Yellow

 Includes 4 wheels

Current Fit: B6.4 , B74.2, YZ2 , YZ4 , XB2 , XB4 , LD2 , L1 , 22X-4 Elite , 22 5.0 Elite