Pro-Motion Tire Care

Tire Prep and Gluing

• Make sure your hands are clean.

• Clean the bead of your tire with a green biodegradable cleaning solution of your choice.

• Do not touch tire bead prior to gluing.

• Use only tire specific glue.

• Pull the bead of your tire back and apply ample glue to mating surfaces.

• Remove excess glue with a rag.

• Apply Pro-Motion tire bands, and let dry in a well-ventilated area.


Tires that are pre-mounted are still the responsibility of the racer to check and maintain the bonding area. It is recommended to examine the inside and outside bead of tire after your first run.


• Keep tires in your original Pro-Motion bag.

• If storing on vehicle, keep vehicle elevated to avoid flat spotting.

• For extended life of inserts, keep dry at all times.